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Benefits Of Getting Your Beauty Sleep

To many people, the phrase “beauty sleep” is just a cliché. However, beauty sleep is not just a cliché. It is real. Medically, beauty sleep is the actual amount of sleep that is considered necessary or sufficient in order for you to feel and look healthy and attractive when you get up in the morning.

In fact, sleep is recognized by many in the medical field as the best anti-aging secret ever, and the closest thing there is to a fountain of youth. Whether you are sixteen or sixty, if you want your skin to remain young, fresh, healthy and radiant, a good night’s rest is essential.

Your body repairs itself and recovers while you sleep, which is when your pituitary gland releases human growth hormones – a crucial ingredient for the production of collagen. This keeps you looking fresh and feeling young and leads to a long list of benefits for your looks.

Here are the benefits that getting sufficient sleep can do for your skin:

Sleep nourishes your brain, body and skin. Your body rejuvenates itself during a good night’s rest during which it releases HGH which removes old dead blood cells and dead brain cells. Your brain also removes 60 percent more toxins and boosts blood flow to the skin surrounding your face, improving the texture of your skin.  When you get the right amount of sleep every single day, you get a healthy, glowing complexion.

A good night’s rest increases the moisture levels in your skin, raises your complexion’s pH levels and keeps your skin naturally balanced. This gives your skin a more youthful appearance and contributes to a glowing and well-hydrated complexion. On the other hand, lack of sleep can make your complexion look drab, ashen or lifeless.

A good night’s rest minimizes the blue or purple dark circles under your eyes. When you’re not getting enough sleep, blood isn’t flowing efficiently and can collect under your eyes. Because the skin is so thin under the eyes, it becomes discoloured. Plenty of rest can minimize the discoloration.

Leading hair experts have discovered a connection between hair loss and lack of sleep. Since blood flow decreases when we don’t get enough sleep, hair follicles don’t get enough nutrients, vitamins and minerals from blood flow, which results in less growth and ultimately, hair loss. On the other hand, your hair is fuller and healthier when you get enough sleep.

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